Thursday, December 22, 2005


What is it with black people and The Lord? Everything is.......
"The Lord" this...and "The Lord" that. I was watching 106 and Park the other day and "Juvenile" (of Cash Money fame) was on the show. Now Juvie is my boy, don't get me wrong, but he lost me when he said some shit about lettin' "The Lord" handle the current situation regarding the Hurricane Katrina fiasco. I mean... being from Louisiana myself... (born in New Orleans too) I have been complaining for years about the second-class citizenship that I myself felt like I was a lifelong member of. ON THE OTHER HAND, I know from experience that when you come around black people "talkin' that black shit" you get ridiculed right away!

In a way... I honestly don't have a lot of sympathy for a group of people who are constantly unable to see the direct relationship between capitalism and class oppression in America and throughout the greater western world. Blacks like no other group in history should be able to rationalize the relationship between true freedom with the abolition of private ownership. Once the ownership relation between the slave master and the slave was abolished the slave was set free! It's pretty simple folks! Black capitalism only replaces the white slavemaster with a black slavemaster. Stop thinking in terms of Black and White and start thinking in terms of the haves and the have-nots!

How many more disasters have to happen to black people before we realize that the elite don't have our best interests at heart? Why are we always so surprised by these blatant signs of disregard for black life. We owe it to our children, and our children's children, to stop crying and begging for "The Lord's" help and start thinking about something other than living like the white man....which brings me to another vital point.

Revolution has yet to be realized people! The civil-rights struggle in America for equal rights for blacks was an absolutely narrow-minded venture. 40 years later we can only see blacks assimilated into the very empire which still oppresses millions around the world. What was the fucking point. We only joined the bad-guys! We didn't stop them! There was no true revolution. A revolution for one race of people is not a revolution! O.K. American Blacks have what! What about every other 3rd world fuckin' country? All that blood, sweat, and tears so Nelly could swipe a creditcard between a girl's plump, brown, butt-cheeks! All that marching, preaching, stomping and shouting, for P. Diddy so he could wear diamonds collected at the expense of some armless child in Sierra Leon?!!! All that "We Shall Overcome," for Dame Dash so he could pour champagne on a 22 year old half-naked girl in a video about pimpin'!

I know what ya' sayin'! Oh no...he's crazy....he crazy....he crazy! You can call me me crazy .... call me crazy....cause that's what they called my daddy back in Louisiana...crazy!!! Crazy Yella Nigguh!!!!!......I love you Huey Percy Newton. Rest In Peace ! Coward Nigguz Die!

This is the SadDamnYouAll signing the fuck out!

Sunday, December 11, 2005


I am so sick of people like the NAACP (Nation Association for the Advancement of Crazy People!) and black people, rallying to support the dumbest shit…but forgetting about the real issues! We need to make sure our children are educated and have a different post civil rights agenda! Lets make sure there are jobs available for hardworking black men to support their families without being marginalized out of mainstream society! Everything is about Big mama! What about Big Poppa! I’ve never heard that term used, but that’s another issue. Anyway, mutherfuckers like Russell Simmons run around trying to reduce sentences for dope-pushers so they can hurry up and get back to the black community to finish it off! I’m sick of people like Jamie Fox (who doesn’t know what it is like on the street!) constantly trying to rally to the aid of a man who took so much from the black community…Stanley Tookie Williams! It seems like in the hood nigguz love the dirty cats! The hard-working, stand-up guys are looked at as bums! We need to re-think a lot of shit! If you think this dirt-bag coward is innocent scrap that and read the realness!
Tony Sims Not Granted Immunity
Tony Sims, like Alfred Coward, was an accomplice in the 7-Eleven robbery-murder. However, Sims did not testify at Stanley 'Tookie' Williams' trial, because he was not granted immunity. Sims was separately prosecuted for his role in the 7-Eleven robbery-murder.
Sims' statement to homicide investigators following his arrest, along with his sworn testimony over several decades, not only corroborates the testimony of Alfred Coward offered at Stanley Williams' trial, but further establishes, without question, Stanley Williams' guilt.
Tony Sims was arrested on March 23, 1979, for his participation in the robbery of the 7-Eleven that led to Albert Owens' murder. After his arrest on March 23, 1979, Tony Sims spoke to homicide investigators. In that audio-taped interview, Tony Sims openly admitted his involvement and the role he played in the robbery leading up to the murder of Albert Owens.
Moreover, Sims identified the other participants as Alfred Coward (Blackie), Darryl and Stanley Williams (Tookie), identifying Stanley Williams as the man who senselessly executed Albert Owens.
James Garrett
In 1979, Stanley Williams lived with James Garrett. In fact, Williams typically stayed there between 5 and 7 days a week. (TT 1673-1674). He also kept, among other things, his shotgun at the residence. (TT 1673, 1691-1693). On March 13, 1979, just two days after the Brookhaven motel murders, Williams asked Mr. Garrett if he had heard about the motel murders. (TT 1675-1677).
Williams went on to explain that some "Chinese people" or "Buddhaheads" had been killed. (TT 1677-1678, 1720). Williams also stated that the murderer must have been a professional because he picked up the shotgun shells and did not leave behind any witnesses. (TT 1678, 1687).
Williams later provided Mr. Garrett with even more details. Williams explained that a big guy knocked down the door and "blew away" a guy on a couch (Mr. Yang), a woman near the register (Mrs. Yang), and a third person who came out from behind (Ms. Lin). (TT 1682).
Eventually, Williams admitted he was the actual murderer. He stated, in referring to committing a future robbery, he will "blow them away just like I blew them Buddhaheads away on Vermont." (TT 1720).
In addition to admitting his involvement in the Brookhaven murders, Williams also admitted killing Albert Owens. Specifically, Williams told Mr. Garrett that he had used his shotgun to blow away a white guy at a store, that Blackie (Alfred Coward) was with him, and that Blackie was a "punk" because Blackie couldn't eat after the murder. (TT 1688-1690).
Considered Killing Witness
Williams also told Mr. Garrett that he was considering killing Blackie. (TT 1689). Of course, this was subsequently corroborated by Williams' jailhouse note where he indicated Blackie was a "heartbeat away from death." (Trial Exh. 78).
James Garrett was not an accomplice, he was not a jailhouse informant, he was not facing a lengthy prison term or death, and he was not granted freedom or a vastly reduced sentence for his testimony. This is not to say Mr. Garrett had an unblemished past.
At the time of trial, Mr. Garrett was facing sentencing for receiving stolen property. This crime carried a sentence of either one year in county jail or a maximum sentence of three years in state prison. Mr. Garrett also had a pending extortion case.
Ester Garrett was the wife of James Garrett.
Williams also told Mrs. Garrett that he killed some "white dude" for about $63.00 and that Blackie (Coward) couldn't handle it so he vomited. (TT 1917). Williams also stated that he was concerned Blackie might talk to the police and, as a result, he (Williams) might kill Blackie. (TT 1917).
Ester Garrett was not an accomplice, she was not a jailhouse informant, she was not facing a lengthy prison term or death, and she was not granted freedom or a vastly reduced sentence for her testimony. Like Mr. Garrett, she had previously been in trouble with the law. However, the jury was informed of this criminal past and still found Williams guilty of all four murders.
Dale Coates
Dale Coates worked the night shift as a truck driver. On February 28, 1979, he drove past the 7-Eleven on Whittier Boulevard sometime around 4:30 a.m. As he did so, he noticed two cars in the parking lot. He remembered one of the cars was a light-colored car and the other car was darker and longer.
He also testified he saw a thin white male walking toward the store entrance, while being followed by two black males wearing three-quarter length jackets. As the white male walked, he looked over his shoulder at the two black males behind him. (TT 2058-2065).
With the testimony of Mr. Coates, the prosecution again corroborated statements made by Alfred Coward. Mr. Coates corroborated the approximate time of the crime, he corroborated the vehicles used, and he corroborated the sequence of events at the time Williams walked up behind Mr. Owens and forced him into the store.
Contrary to the claims made in Williams' petition, Mr. Coates did this despite the fact he was not an accomplice, he was not a jailhouse informant, he was not facing a lengthy prison term or death, and he was not granted freedom or a reduced sentence for his testimony. Instead, he was a completely uninvolved citizen witness who was able to corroborate some of the relevant facts testified to by Alfred Coward. BUT YOU DON'T HEAR ME THOUGH!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Peep Game! (Just Cuz I hate you don't make you a player!)

Tell me old sport…. how can you be a whack-dealer…I mean crack dealer with big money in your pockets on the streets of New York and never go to jail? If you know police, you know that they are very much aware of who’s who on the street, so don’t tell me they were never onto Jay-Z unless he was purely nickel-and-dimin’ it. Lets be real. Jay-Z is just another coward rapper who made good from the vacuum left by Biggie and Tupac’s death! Always calling himself “the black Sinatra” or “the black Ralph Lauren” is just another sign of his house-negro mentality. He secretly wants to be a white man but doesn’t have the nerve to admit it. Go ahead Jay…admit it!
Has everyone forgotten when Pac was calling this coward out he was as quiet as a church mouse!
Business man?!!!….pllllleaaase! All his hand-picked artists have failed! Young Gunz (100,000) Teairra Mari (200,000) Rihanna (200,000) Memphis Bleak (200,000)! How the fuck do you do these horrible numbers when you have one of the hottest rappers in the game co-signing you? I’ll tell you how. Simple and plain…Jay-Z is no great business man. He’s no David Geffen. He’s no Clive Davis. He’s no Goddard Lieberson. As for acts such as Kanye West, Jay-Z and Dame didn’t even believe in him! The producer was forced to spend his own money on his first video! Kanye pretty much had to beg these niggaz to let him give them hits and millions of dollars! As for Jeezy…you have to know that anything reasonably good from the South is gonna’ blow. So where does this leave Jay…a nigguh known to call himself, “the ghetto Errol Flynn,” and “the Micheal Corleone of the microphone?” It leaves him living the life of a soft ass executive pussy. A life he has always wanted to live! Dating a blonde, riding in a Maybache, taking trips to the south of France and callin’ that lifestyle “hood.” All I have to say is….
“In 88 you was gettin chased to your building…Callin’ my crib and I aint even give you my numbers…All I did was, give you a style for you to run with!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Indie Movie Review

* * * 1/2 (pretty good)

I just checked out the 1998 Movie "Asunder" featuring my boy Blair Underwood. This movie was a good one! The first black thriller I've ever seen. The movie was directed by Tim Reid of "Sister, Sister" fame, and is kinda' low budget which turned me off at first. Even on a movie with a low budget you could maybe shoot on 16mm and make it look more artistic. Anyway the movie starts out unassuming and delves into madness very quickly. Blair Underwood, Micheal Beach and Debi Morgan really hold the movie down with superb acting...but what really makes the film tick is the plot-driven script. The movie could have been more character driven but it was "the shit" no less. These three actors are hands-down some of the best in the industry! You should go rent this movie cause I said so....cause I know what I'm talkin" about!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Knowledge God 5%

This is not a white man...our ancestors were a complex proud!!!!!!

"By the time Alexander the Great was sweeping the civilized world with conquest after conquest from Chaeronia to Gaza, from Babylon to Cabul; by the time the first Aryan conquerors were learning the rudiments of war and government at the feet of the philosopher Aristotle; and by the time Athens was laying down the foundations of European civilization, the earliest and greatest Ethiopian culture had already flourished and dominated the civilized world for over four centuries and a half. Imperial Ethiopia had conquered Egypt and founded the XXVth Dynasty, and for a century and a half the central seat of civilization in the known world was held by the ancestors of the modern Negro, maintaining and defending it against the Assyrian and Persian Empires of the East. Thus, at the time when Ethiopia was leading the civilized world in culture and conquest, East was East, but West was not, and the first European (Grecian) Olympiad was yet to be held. Rome was nowhere to be seen on the map, and sixteen centuries were to pass before Charlemagne would rule in Europe and Egbert became first King of England. Even then, history was to drag on for another seven hundred weary years, before Roman Catholic Europe could see fit to end the Great Schism, soon to be followed by the disturbing news of the discovery of America and the fateful rebirth of the youngest of world civilizations."

Everyone...including most black people... are so used to seeing black baffoonery espoused through T.V., movies, music, and other media outlets that they willingly participate in keeping negative stereotypes flourishing throughout the world. What do you think?

What is the realest??

Many of you may wish to know exactly what is the realness? Is it 50-snitch hocking soda-water, video games, and backing Bush against Kanye West? Is it Gay-Z and Lame-Dash spraying champagne on semi-naked whores? Is it QueerChannel telling you what's hot (ie. see that laffy taffy song and all the rest of that down south bullshit!) Is it Mos Def doing GMC commercials? Is it The Roots signing with Gay-Z and DefJam, after talking all that shit on "What they do?"

Or just maybe...just maybe... the realness is Jean Grae...spittin' hotter lyrics than any of these pussy mutherfuckers selling millions of records that the masses buy! Could the realness be that boy Saigon spittin' hot fire... and "teaching em' too" on that classic "Warning Shots"? Perhaps the realness is a 18 year old boy named Cory Gunz? spittin' hotter than most rappers twice his age (see Tony GayHo...hes 4 times this kid's age) The realness fellow this shit we discuss on this fuckin' blog! That's the realness!

So first off let me ask you this? Is it real for a nigguh to do a sprite commercial today when Hammer did the shit 10 years ago and nigguz... (Ice Cube in particular...Mr. Are We There Yet!) hated on him for the shit! Even MC Lyte talked shit about Hammer and now she's rappin' on fuckin' Gap commercials?!! When Tupac was alive if a nigguh did anything other than a St. Ides commercial he was a bitch! What happened to that era...huh? I know you gotta make money but come on! Lets "Keep it Real!" A lot of these stop the violence nigguz may not want to hear that term used after everything thats happened in HipHop, but lets not kill the golden goose here! HipHop was at it's best when "suburban amerikkka" wanted nothing to do with it. Now, I know that HipHop had to grow up, but did it have to grow up and start suckin' dick for money?

Is this not Corny as hell!!?? You Tell me!!!!