Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What is the realest??

Many of you may wish to know exactly what is the realness? Is it 50-snitch hocking soda-water, video games, and backing Bush against Kanye West? Is it Gay-Z and Lame-Dash spraying champagne on semi-naked whores? Is it QueerChannel telling you what's hot (ie. see that laffy taffy song and all the rest of that down south bullshit!) Is it Mos Def doing GMC commercials? Is it The Roots signing with Gay-Z and DefJam, after talking all that shit on "What they do?"

Or just maybe...just maybe... the realness is Jean Grae...spittin' hotter lyrics than any of these pussy mutherfuckers selling millions of records that the masses buy! Could the realness be that boy Saigon spittin' hot fire... and "teaching em' too" on that classic "Warning Shots"? Perhaps the realness is a 18 year old boy named Cory Gunz? spittin' hotter than most rappers twice his age (see Tony GayHo...hes 4 times this kid's age) The realness fellow hiphoppers...is this shit we discuss on this fuckin' blog! That's the realness!

So first off let me ask you this? Is it real for a nigguh to do a sprite commercial today when Hammer did the shit 10 years ago and nigguz... (Ice Cube in particular...Mr. Are We There Yet!) hated on him for the shit! Even MC Lyte talked shit about Hammer and now she's rappin' on fuckin' Gap commercials?!! When Tupac was alive if a nigguh did anything other than a St. Ides commercial he was a bitch! What happened to that era...huh? I know you gotta make money but come on! Lets "Keep it Real!" A lot of these stop the violence nigguz may not want to hear that term used after everything thats happened in HipHop, but lets not kill the golden goose here! HipHop was at it's best when "suburban amerikkka" wanted nothing to do with it. Now, I know that HipHop had to grow up, but did it have to grow up and start suckin' dick for money?

Is this not Corny as hell!!?? You Tell me!!!!


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