Thursday, December 22, 2005


What is it with black people and The Lord? Everything is.......
"The Lord" this...and "The Lord" that. I was watching 106 and Park the other day and "Juvenile" (of Cash Money fame) was on the show. Now Juvie is my boy, don't get me wrong, but he lost me when he said some shit about lettin' "The Lord" handle the current situation regarding the Hurricane Katrina fiasco. I mean... being from Louisiana myself... (born in New Orleans too) I have been complaining for years about the second-class citizenship that I myself felt like I was a lifelong member of. ON THE OTHER HAND, I know from experience that when you come around black people "talkin' that black shit" you get ridiculed right away!

In a way... I honestly don't have a lot of sympathy for a group of people who are constantly unable to see the direct relationship between capitalism and class oppression in America and throughout the greater western world. Blacks like no other group in history should be able to rationalize the relationship between true freedom with the abolition of private ownership. Once the ownership relation between the slave master and the slave was abolished the slave was set free! It's pretty simple folks! Black capitalism only replaces the white slavemaster with a black slavemaster. Stop thinking in terms of Black and White and start thinking in terms of the haves and the have-nots!

How many more disasters have to happen to black people before we realize that the elite don't have our best interests at heart? Why are we always so surprised by these blatant signs of disregard for black life. We owe it to our children, and our children's children, to stop crying and begging for "The Lord's" help and start thinking about something other than living like the white man....which brings me to another vital point.

Revolution has yet to be realized people! The civil-rights struggle in America for equal rights for blacks was an absolutely narrow-minded venture. 40 years later we can only see blacks assimilated into the very empire which still oppresses millions around the world. What was the fucking point. We only joined the bad-guys! We didn't stop them! There was no true revolution. A revolution for one race of people is not a revolution! O.K. American Blacks have what! What about every other 3rd world fuckin' country? All that blood, sweat, and tears so Nelly could swipe a creditcard between a girl's plump, brown, butt-cheeks! All that marching, preaching, stomping and shouting, for P. Diddy so he could wear diamonds collected at the expense of some armless child in Sierra Leon?!!! All that "We Shall Overcome," for Dame Dash so he could pour champagne on a 22 year old half-naked girl in a video about pimpin'!

I know what ya' sayin'! Oh no...he's crazy....he crazy....he crazy! You can call me me crazy .... call me crazy....cause that's what they called my daddy back in Louisiana...crazy!!! Crazy Yella Nigguh!!!!!......I love you Huey Percy Newton. Rest In Peace ! Coward Nigguz Die!

This is the SadDamnYouAll signing the fuck out!


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