Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Peep Game! (Just Cuz I hate you don't make you a player!)

Tell me old sport…. how can you be a whack-dealer…I mean crack dealer with big money in your pockets on the streets of New York and never go to jail? If you know police, you know that they are very much aware of who’s who on the street, so don’t tell me they were never onto Jay-Z unless he was purely nickel-and-dimin’ it. Lets be real. Jay-Z is just another coward rapper who made good from the vacuum left by Biggie and Tupac’s death! Always calling himself “the black Sinatra” or “the black Ralph Lauren” is just another sign of his house-negro mentality. He secretly wants to be a white man but doesn’t have the nerve to admit it. Go ahead Jay…admit it!
Has everyone forgotten when Pac was calling this coward out he was as quiet as a church mouse!
Business man?!!!….pllllleaaase! All his hand-picked artists have failed! Young Gunz (100,000) Teairra Mari (200,000) Rihanna (200,000) Memphis Bleak (200,000)! How the fuck do you do these horrible numbers when you have one of the hottest rappers in the game co-signing you? I’ll tell you how. Simple and plain…Jay-Z is no great business man. He’s no David Geffen. He’s no Clive Davis. He’s no Goddard Lieberson. As for acts such as Kanye West, Jay-Z and Dame didn’t even believe in him! The producer was forced to spend his own money on his first video! Kanye pretty much had to beg these niggaz to let him give them hits and millions of dollars! As for Jeezy…you have to know that anything reasonably good from the South is gonna’ blow. So where does this leave Jay…a nigguh known to call himself, “the ghetto Errol Flynn,” and “the Micheal Corleone of the microphone?” It leaves him living the life of a soft ass executive pussy. A life he has always wanted to live! Dating a blonde, riding in a Maybache, taking trips to the south of France and callin’ that lifestyle “hood.” All I have to say is….
“In 88 you was gettin chased to your building…Callin’ my crib and I aint even give you my numbers…All I did was, give you a style for you to run with!


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